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We understand from our twenty-five years of experience that prolonged debt problems could have devastating effects on an individual’s personal life, whether a director of a company or in case of personal insolvency.

Calling the current economic situation "depressing" is an understatement for the majority of people in the United Kingdom. We all have times when we want to bury our head in the sand but this way the problems could be ignored for a brief period of time, but not resolved. For example, if you have any disease, you can ignore for a while but eventually you need a medical professional expert to resolve it. Similarly, when financial problems arise which are unmanageable, the directors of companies or individuals must seek professional advice from insolvency practitioners as soon as possible.

At BBK Partnership, our primary focus is to preserve the company’s business in the most efficient and legal manner or to assist an individual personally so that they can continue with their self-employed trade or full time employment.

We offer our clients three step solutions – analyse, advise and resolve. Step one, arrange a first meeting with BBK Partnership to understand and analyse the problem with no fee obligations. Step two, BBK Partnership provide impartial, confidential and professional advice. Step three, the client determines to act on the advice received from BBK Partnership.

BBK Partnership Recovery and Restructuring have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to deal with individual or business owners’ problems with its commercial and practicable solutions. BBK Partnership’s team have an established track record dealing with problems being experienced by the individuals or companies, whether small or large. BBK Partnership is the first choice for referral by many accountancy and legal firms due to our highly professional, compassionate and value-for-money service designed to meet our client’s requirements and expectations.

BBK Partnership offer range of services includes:

Corporate Solutions

  • Administration;
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement;
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation;
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation;
  • Compulsory Liquidation; and
  • Fixed Charge/LPA Receivership;

Personal Solutions

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement;
  • Bankruptcy;

Informal Solutions

  • Negotiation with Creditors; and advice to Board of Directors;

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